William Nathan is the founder and the Chief Consultant of the company. He is a retired Police Officer and a former U.S. Marine. He specializes in profiling Indians, Pakistanis, Sri-Lankans and Bangladeshis and speaks their languages.
He is an expert profiler, specializing in reading and identifying clues by reading faces, body and behavior of targeted individual’s. This is a potential life-saving skill to thwart terrorism and other threats to businesses and to investigate corporate espionage and frauds. He is a licensed and armed private investigator in the State of New Jersey, S.O.R.A. certified security guard trainer by the New Jersey State Police, and instructor for Emergency dispatchers and guard patrols. He is the owner and operator of a licensed and bonded private detective agency, located in Lawrenceville, New Jersey; Owner and Chief Consultant of “Nathan Security Consultant LLC with Global Operations in India, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, Bangladesh and China. His behavior recognition skill transforms the safety and security of a corporation to the highest level. He can make all his skills and his experiences available to clients.
The objective of the company is to provide recommendations to reduce, control, or transfer the risks.
(Clients please use the contact information given to you)
Nathan Security Consulting is an international Security Consulting Company (non-IT), who use both foreign and local experts for assessment. Their staff consists of both local and foreign Police and Military Officers, alarm companies and Security Experts; they all have an understanding of the culture and language of the site where they are contracted to provide service. The group first gathers information relating to client’s security arrangements, analyzes vulnerabilities, assess risks and identifies loses. They then use an arsenal of tools to evaluate and make recommendations for improving client’s existing security situation within a reasonable time frame at an acceptable expense. They give top priority to internal and external threats against life and property. They do their best to deter and delay crime. The consultant’s will give a written report to improve the client’s protective services once an agreement is reached and the contract is signed. Nathan security Consulting is not affiliated with any manufacturer or vendors. They do not sell or install equipment.
  •  We contract with local and state police for  interpretation services
  •  Security Guard Training
  •  Security Management Training
  •  Kidnapping and Counter Terrorism
  •   Weapons training
  •  Video, CCTV, Access Control
  •  Detection methods & Surveillance
  •  Physical Security
  •  Intelligence and Profiling
  •  Background checks and vetting
  •  VIP Protection
NAICS:541690,561611,561612,561621& 611519
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