Our staff first conducts a risk analysis study based on the client's business, geographic location and current intelligence information. We evaluate the potential risks and the effect of certain disasters on the client’s operation. We conduct a thorough site-survey of the client’s facility and evaluate current security measures, or propose one based on our expertise. Our specialists then prepare a detailed and concise report identifying any remedial measures. Security protocols must be designed specifically to fit every company. All firms are different and our customized plans reflect those differences. After we gain a full understanding of our client's unique work environment and culture, we create procedures for daily routine activities such as visitor screening, mailroom security protocols,information protection and physical security of the building. Our aim is to detect, deter, and delay any harm to people and property.
Our consultants have special and unique ways to make sure the client gets the installation done right and the improved methods are effective. The design and placement of appropriate cost-effective measures to upgrade physical security measures such as barricades and guardhouses and technical security measures such as video monitoring, face recognition and access control are professionally done. Our consultants will also do a thorough guard force evaluation and check for effectiveness, size, level of training and utilization. Our consultants will supervise the implementations until fully operational. We are skilled in recommending security systems which do not dramatically increase capital expenditures, and show a rapid return on investment.
  •  Threat vulnerability Assessments
  •  Risk/Crisis Management
  •  Site Security Survey
  •  Review of Current Procedures
  •  Guard Force Evaluation
  •  Security Systems Evaluation
  •  Mailroom Security Implementation
  •  Access Controls
  •  CCTV & IP Video Surveillance
  •   Video Analytics
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