Nathan Consultants: Certification and Re-Certification Classes
Get Full Certification or Re-Certification! Contact us for class hours and location when the training dates are posted on our website, PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT BEFORE THE DATES ARE POSTED.
Welcome to Nathan Consultants
Nathan consultants are also Security Guard Instructors, trained by the New Jersey State Police, U.S.A., and by the Indian Police. We can provide a standard operating procedure for the security department of the company and make sure the guards are professionally trained to do the following:
  •  Threat Identification 
  •  Asset Protection and keeping the employees safe
  •  Theft prevention
  •  Terrorism Awareness and prevention
  •  Gang Awareness
  •  Emergency Response (Incident Command)
  •  Ethics
  •  First Aid
  •  Legislation (PSAR Act 2005 and Rules)
  •  Security responsibilities
  •  Watching and controlling monitors and responding to incidents
  •  Business etiquette
  •  Crowd Control
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